What taxes are included in my rental? >>

The prices quoted on the website are normally tax inclusive. However some optional extras that are listed on the voucher or in the rental conditions may not include tax (VAT). In this case it will be indicated. Please check the rental conditions online or on the rental voucher if you have already made your booking for what taxes are included.

What is included in my rental? >>

Most of our rates are fully inclusive, however some countries do not provide inclusive rates. All-inclusive offers do not apply to North American residents or domestic bookings made within North American Countries. Click ‘rate details’ on Step 2 of the booking process to see what your rate includes.

Do I need both parts of my British licence to rent a vehicle? >>

If you have the new photo ID licence you must take the paper counterpart as well. If you do not present both the card and the counterpart you will not get the vehicle. If your licence is not written in Roman characters (e.g. Russian, Chinese, etc.), you will need to obtain an international driver’s permit before you travel from your country of residence.

What is an international driver’s licence and why do I need one? >>

The International Driving Licence (IDL) is recognised worldwide as a valuable document that identifies its holder as a licensed driver when your licence is not in the same language as the country in which you are driving. You must also produce a National Driver’s Licence with this licence; otherwise it will not be accepted.

How do I reduce the excess on the vehicle? Can I take out additional insurances to reduce it? >>

You can purchase additional insurances to reduce the excess on the vehicle. This can be done online at the time of booking (service provided in association with Mondial Assistance) or at the car rental agent’s office on arrival. A pre-authorisation may be required, even if you have purchased additional insurances. This pre- authorisation is taken from your credit card. Please see your Rental terms & conditions for further details.

Is Break Down Assistance included? >>

Most of our rates include Breakdown assistance; we would advise you to read your booking Terms & Conditions to check it is included in your rate. All car rental agents have national assistance should the renter require it. Please ask at your local desk for the number and contact details at the time of rental.

Can you explain what the Liability Insurance is? >>

It is an insurance limiting your liability for any damage caused to other people and/or other people’s property. It is usually limited to a maximum of €1,000,000. The insurance is limited and there may be excess which means that you may be liable for any amount over and above the value of the insurance.

TIP: Excess Insurance can be purchased at the time of booking in order to reduce the excess to €0 (Service provided in partnership with Mondial Assistance)

What is Vehicle Theft Waiver? >>

It is an insurance limiting your liability to the excess amount in case of theft of the vehicle. This insurance is included in most of our rates, however, please check it is so in your booking Terms & Conditions before you arrive at the rental desk.

SAFETY TIP: CarTrawler recommends that you remove the identifying tag that is usually on the key ring of the vehicle and store it safely elsewhere.

Please note if the vehicle is stolen and you cannot return the key i.e. you were negligent and left the key in a prominent and vulnerable location, you may be liable for the full cost of the vehicle.

What is Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)? >>

It is an insurance limiting your liability to the excess amount in case of damage. This insurance is included in most of our rates, however, please check it is so in your booking Terms & Conditions before you arrive at the rental desk. This insurance has exclusions such as damage to glass (e.g. windows, windscreen, etc.) tyres, undercarriage, roof and loss of keys; for instance if you damage the undercarriage of the vehicle, you will be liable for the full cost of repair.

We would advise you to select our Excess Insurance provided through our partner Mondial Insurance. This policy would allow you to claim the cost of your excess for E5.50 per day.

I have booked additional drivers. Where can I see if this is confirmed in my booking? >>

Once the vehicle is confirmed please check your booking voucher. The voucher has a section which shows the addition extras you have booked for example baby seats, booster seats or additional drivers. These extras are not included in the price quoted and must be paid for on arrival.