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Car Hire Weiz >>

Zen car hire Weiz lets you enjoy every moment of your stay in this quiet but charming city. From its old houses and churches to its scenic routes, Weiz is one of Austria’s best kept secrets.

Booking a cheap car hire Weiz online at the start of your journey and you won’t have to worry about how to get around the city or missing out on any of its sights when you arrive. Rather, you will have countless opportunities to see them all and even get the chance to explore neighboring attractions.

Car Rental Weiz – Making the Most of Your Trip to Weiz

A cheap car rental in Weiz gives you the freedom to create and collect as many great memories as you like. Whether you’re admiring the architecture of the Weizbergkirche, reliving the Renaissance while lost in the halls of Thannhausen Palace or getting a taste of Mulbratl in one of the local restaurants, you will surely have an unforgettable vacation.

There are also some amazing natural attractions near Weiz. With the help of Weiz rental cars, you can explore the Katerloch and Grasslhohle caves, where you will be able to see many remarkable stalactite formations, or go hiking in the gorges of Weizklamm and Raabklamm, which offer breathtaking views. There are also many scenic cycling routes and railways.

Why Book a Car Hire from Weiz?

A car hire in Weiz lets you explore not just Weiz but also the other towns and cities in the region which have their own gems to offer.

From Weiz, you can travel to the city of Graz, the capital of Styria, and also the second largest city in Austria, which has many marvels of medieval architecture in its Old Town and many excellent museums. You can also visit the historic city of Hartberg, which has a prehistoric settlement, or the cities of Bruck an der Mur, known for its Gothic church and iron well, Kapfenberg and Frohnleiten.

Have many memorable adventures as you make your dream vacation come true with the chances offered by a car hire Weiz. Weiz may not be a top tourist destination but you certainly won’t regret stopping by. Hire a car in Weiz and see what it has in store for you as you make your own unique discoveries.