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Car Hire Russia >>

Get a step closer to an enchanting adventure that you can truly call your own by booking a car hire Russia from With budget-friendly rates, round-the-clock availability online, convenient locations and friendly service, it won’t be long until you can head out to the interesting sights all over Russia. You’ll definitely have the vacation you’ve been waiting for! 

Reserve a car with us, then collect your vehicle from several locations all over Russia, including Moscow, Moscow airport, St Petersburg, Rostov, Pulkovo airport, Ekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk. 

Cheap Car Hire Russia 

Rent a cheap car hire in Russia and prepare to be amazed by the spectacular scenery and the rich cultural heritage that Russia has to offer. The largest country in the world, Russia is known for its vodka and caviar as well as its ballet performances, distinct artwork and a long history of powerful czars and ground-breaking space missions. Choose a nice car from to fit your personal taste, budget and itinerary and you’re on your way to spending unforgettable holidays in one of the most fascinating countries in the world. With strategic sights to serve you, car rental Russia surely gives you all your money’s worth and more. 

Car Rental Russia: Extraordinary Adventures that are Truly Your Own 

Availing of packaged tours offered by your travel agent usually means you’ll only get to see the famous attractions around Moscow and St. Petersburg, which is a pity since there are plenty of other beautiful cities and amazing destinations in Russia. Rent a car, instead, and get unlimited chances to immerse yourself in the Soviet culture while marveling at the Cathedral of St. Sophia in Novgorod, staying at a charming log cabin near Lake Baikal or taking a hike in the picturesque Ural Mountains. Take your time in savoring the diverse Russian cuisine while drinking vodka or sipping a glass of Russian champaign. allows you to experience all these as we offer cheap car hire in Russia. Whether you want to catch a ballet performance in St. Petersburg, view the magnificent churches in Tomsk, or visit the museums in Yekaterinburg, having a car hire in Russia gives you the chance to make the most of your vacation. 

Bigger Savings not only on your Car Hire Russia 

Renting a car also allows you to limit your expenses so you can stay within your budget. Indeed, instead of staying at a touristy hotel, you can save by renting an apartment outside the major cities and just driving to the city attractions. You can also enjoy a full meal at a Russian fast food restaurant or grab a snack from one of the streetside kiosks rather than being restricted to stylish cafes and first-class restaurants. So why not book your car hire Russia today!