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Car Hire Limassol >>

Zen car hire Limassol paves the way for many unique and unforgettable experiences in this bustling second largest city of Cyprus. From the high-rise buildings in its modern city center to its medieval castle and various archaeological sites, Limassol offers the best of the old, the new and fun things in between.

Start off you extraordinary holidays by booking a cheap car rental Limassol online. It takes only a few minutes but in return, you can have all the time you need to explore Limassol and take part in all the wonders it has to offer.

Car Rental Limassol – Making the Most of Your Trip to Limassol

A budget-friendly car rental in Limassol makes sightseeing a breeze. Whether you’re transported back to the medieval age in the halls of Limassol Castle, enjoying the scenery and relaxing atmosphere of the public garden or taking a close look at the interesting artifacts displayed at the Archaeological Museum, you will certainly enjoy your stay.

The economy of Limassol is an attraction of its own. As the second city of Cyprus, Limassol is an important trade center, more so because of its proximity to the Akrotiri Base of the United Kingdom. It is also home to numerous factories and the headquarters of the country’s leading wine companies, while both its old and new ports are busy all year long. With the help of Limassol rental cars, you can take part in the various trade fairs and markets in the city and easily find hotels and restaurants where you can spend the night in luxury or have a gourmet meal with the best wine.

Why Book a Car Hire from Limassol?

Car hire Limassol also gives you glimpses of the city’s rich cultural heritage and even lets you become a part of it and take some of it home with you at the end of your journey.

Limassol is well-known for its festivals, so drop by when there’s one going on. The Limassol Carnival, in particular, lasts ten days and draws large crowds, with street parades, costume contests and masquerade balls. The Wine Festival is also popular and a great place to sample the best wines in Cyprus for a minimal charge, though, if you prefer beer, you can visit during the Beer Festival instead.

Experience Limassol in more and better ways with a car hire Limassol at your beck and call. A whole world of opportunities and possibilities awaits you and if you hire a car in Limassol, you can seize it all and have one of the best vacations you’ve ever had.