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Car Hire Japan >>

Get ready for an amazing adventure and a unique cultural experience that you can truly call your own by booking your car hire Japan from offers affordable rates, 24/7 availability online, accessible locations and friendly service so you’ll be on your way to an extraordinary vacation in no time at all. You’ll definitely get the holidays you’ve always dreamed of!

Book a car with us then collect your vehicle from easy-to-find locations in Japan which include Yokkaichi, Okinawa airport, Sapporo Chitose airport, Osaka airport and Hakodate airport.

Cheap Car Hire Japan 

Rent a cheap car hire in Japan and get ready to feast your eyes on beautiful temples and captivating mountain scenery while indulging your taste buds in the exotic and mouth-watering Japanese cuisine. Known as the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan offers many stunning attractions but is more popular for its interesting culture. Choose a nice car from based on your personal taste, budget and itinerary, and you’re ready to immerse yourself in all things Japanese. With readily accessible pick-up sites, car rental Japan is guaranteed to give you more than your money’s worth. 

Car Rental Japan: Extraordinary Adventures that are Truly Your Own 

Booking packaged tours in Japan usually means you’ll get limited to major Japanese cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, which also limits the attractions you’ll see or the taste of Japanese culture you’ll get. If you want to make the most of your vacation, then, renting a car is recommended. This way, you can see and do as many things as you want during your trip, even the lesser known but equally remarkable attractions and activities. Learn the ways of the samurai in Usaki. Go hiking in one of the national parks in Hokkaido. Discover the ancient Japanese traditions in Takayama or visit the picturesque shrines in Nikko. While touring, sample as many great Japanese specialties as you want, like the world’s best sushi, tempura and ramen, while drinking fine Japanese tea or sake. offers cheap car hire in Belgium, which allows you to sample all these during your Japanese holidays. Whether you want to go shopping for the latest electronic gadgets in Akihabara, soak in an onsen, admire the magnificence of Mount Fuji or simply watch the cherry blossoms, having a car hire in Japan helps you make your vacation complete. 

Bigger Savings not only on your Car Hire Japan 

Many people think traveling in Japan is expensive. However, it can be even cheaper than traveling to some western countries. Still, it is always good to save, which is why renting a car is a great idea. With a rental car, you can limit your travel expenses by choosing out-of-the-way sushi bars and ramen houses that better suit your budget or stay at an affordable ryokan or minshuku, which is cheaper than staying at a business hotel. You can also spend whatever money you have extra to take advantage of great shopping bargains. So go ahead and book your car hire Japan today!